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Specific services

As a contracting firm, FAST-TEK has provided litigation services in the investigation and analysis of cases involving contamination by hydrocarbon and solvent spills and leaks, erosion, flooding and related issues. The firm has provided testimony assisting with many settlement conferences. FAST-TEK's work is used in the municipal, state and Federal courts.


FAST-TEK works with consultants who perform stormwater runoff studies and storm water pollution prevention monitoring. From that information, FAST-TEK build stormwater and erosion control related construction projects The firm installs high-efficiency, low-cost hydrocarbon filtration units in drop-in and curb-opening storm basins to capture stormwater runoff contamination. Typical projects include the assessment of potential sources of stormwater pollution at a manufacturing facility, developing a site map and inventory of exposed hazardous materials, evaluation of spills or leaks, identification of non-stormwater discharges or illegal connections, and collection of stormwater discharge data.

A&E Transportation Company, Foster City, California

Major Package Shipping Firm, Santa Clara, California


FAST-TEK develops erosion control plans and implements erosion mitigation measures, as by evaluating existing surface water drainage, mapping of vegetation, development, rock outcrops and surface soils. Techniques include stormwater and sediment detention basins, as well as increasing the roughness coefficient on existing drainage systems to decrease stormwater runoff velocities. Water retention areas are occasionally used for a permanent response to peak flow. Cost-effective temporary measures are used for short-term solutions.  Steep-slope erosion control relies on safety harnesses, specialized lifting equipment and trained workers to be successful in the field. 

Private residence, Inverness, California

Major tree company, after massive cutting, Oakland, California

Artesian Environmental, Soda Springs, California

Private Ranch Owner, Napa, California


Odor issues may be related to volatilization of specific organic chemicals, which can be analyzed using gas chromatography and mass spectrometery (GC/MS).  Other odors are caused by microbial processes or the process of decay of organic matter.  FAST-TEK uses the Nasal Ranger as one qualitative method of mapping the relative strength of odors, as well as passive sorbent samplers and SUMMA gas samplers to identify specific compounds or groups of compounds at the source of the odors.  Once the source of odors is identified, mitigation measures can be designed and implemented.  FAST-TEK cleans the odor emitting areas or modifies the odor-producing processes to mitigate odors.  Oxygen infusion, ozone treatment, and the use of other strong oxidizers and cleaners have been used in odor treatment.  Odors as well as vapor intrusion of sewer air can be caused by failing vapor seals in building plumbing, such as cracked wax-rings, dry P-traps, cracked pipes, loose vent pipes, and improper plumbing additions. 

  • Odor Control at waste lagoon at winery, Napa, California
  • Odor Evaluation at restaurant, Napa, California
  • Odor problem, basement for restaurant, San Francisco, California
  • Mold and Odor Evaluation at winery, Anderson Valley, California
  • Vapor intrusion at trucking facility, San Jose, California


Noise is assessed using noise level meters to identify the source and mapping noise volumes.  Noise mitigation measures can be implemented once the mapping of the noise levels are known. Common methods include noise reduction at the source (for example, insulation of equipment)) or by creating barriers (fences, trees, etc.).  

Sound Study and Mitigation of Remediation Equipment, Clearwater Group, San Francisco, California


FAST-TEK owns and operates mapping-grade Global Positioning System (GPS) survey equipment. California state groundwater reporting laws require GPS information and laboratory data for all monitoring sites. GPS is a satellite navigation tool that captures coordinate data after a differential correction. Soil or groundwater sampling, soil remediation, and even cartographic mapping, site restoration and erosion control projects are performed using GPS with sub-meter accuracy. FAST-TEK downloads the field data into Arc-View Global Information Software (GIS).

Tetra Tech EMI, Mare Island Landfill, Vallejo, California

PES Environmental, Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, California


FAST-TEK owns and operates a portable digital weather station capable of recording a variety of weather conditions including temperature, rainfall, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, wind chill, and evapo-transpiration. An option to record solar radiation is available. Weather station monitoring and data can be useful in litigation support, as well as construction projects.

Tetra Tech EMI, Mare Island Landfill, Vallejo, California


FAST-TEK provides garden design for business owners and home owners.  FAST-TEK soil scientists build sustainable and productive organic gardens with composting units, water storage and advanced drip irrigation systems. FAST-TEK's QSD/QSPs design stormwater sampling and mitigation efforts. FAST-TEK provides water recycling, rainwater harvesting, waste recycling, and water and contracting services.